Beautiful Partners

I love supporting those making beautiful waves of joy in this world. These are products I love and brands I support. The integrity, passion, and experience I look for can be found in each of these amazing companies.

Santa Cruz CORE Fitness + Rehab is a leading holistic wellness center that offers personal training, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition and now featuring osteopathy and rejuvenation therapies with locations in Santa Cruz and Watsonville. Contact them for special introductory offers at 831-425-9500 and

My whole life it seems I have been drawn to all facets of child development, education, and especially the Special Needs field and Child/Parent Advocacy. I truly believe we can work together with this goal, giving support and resources to one another, and know someone has our back. My goal is that I can be of service to children and families within the Special Needs community and we can work together to create a wonderful future for our children.

Omni Social Media is a boutique social media consulting agency focused on helping creative entrepreneurs and business owners successfully chart their course through digital marketing. By working with small to medium-sized businesses, Omni Social brings the world of social media marketing to the everyday entrepreneur. Our team is made up of creative and knowledgeable professionals ready to take your social media strategy to the next level.

With a business degree and a background in construction management and corporate sales I easily made the transition into video marketing. Identifying how effective video was at generating leads I shifted my focus to teach business owners what I was already doing for myself. Basically, just documenting simple evidence (with video) that I was not only capable but confident in the work I was performing every day and that allowed me to be a thought leader in my industry.

Now I focus on teaching Realtors how to spend just 30 minutes a week to publish one short one minute video so that it generates 1-2 leads for them per day. The nice thing is that this video marketing strategy works for more than just real estate businesses. Ask any of my clients what they think about working with me:



Each and every day we have a conscious choice to “Bee Happy.”  Will this be a good day? How can I make the best out of today?
It is our wish that Bee Happy products remind and bring you happiness, gratitude, and love in your daily life. YOU are amazing!
Bee Happy Today is an apparel line that offers both inspiration and style.  We print on high-quality t-shirts and hats for the young and young at heart.  Based and printed in Santa Cruz, CA.

Saltwater + Smoke


Because I needed a creative outlet that would provide me with something to pour my heart into during my early days of recovery from alcohol addiction, I created Saltwater + Smoke. I chose candles, first, for many reasons, but most simply, because I have always loved them.


Blink Blink was born from a broken down sewing machine, a mistake and a creative eye. My mom taught me how to sew when I was a cute little kid and I'm so grateful for her foresight and extreme patience. This new venture into functional sewing for fun is very exciting and a bold move.  
My designs are handmade, unique and I cannot make 2 alike. So don't want 2 alike, please. Like eyebrows, "they are sisters not twins".