Explore endless possibilities in the world of photography with

Master Photographers and image makers in easy to navigate classes.

Perfect for the new at heart & experienced wanting to improve their results.



Are you ready to improve your camera and artistry skills?


Is your camera set on auto and controlling every shot you take?


Are you ready to learn effective lighting techniques to create powerful images?


Are you in need of effective business and branding techniques to grow your clientele?


Are you ready to stand out and have a voice?


Give the experience your audience deserves and remove the anxiety photographing people.


Master location sessions on the fly.














The ART of IMAGE MAKING photography workshops are held monthly

(please see dates and time on the FaceBook 'The Art Of Image Making').



 A big part of our success is our partnership while

staying true to our individual voice and passions.


To learn more about Taylor visit: Taylor Boone Photography 




IN CLASS CRITIQUE on complete assignments

MODELS PROVIDED for each class to help build your portfolio

Students must provide their own camera, lens, laptop & editing software.




CLICK HERE to join The ART of IMAGE MAKING photography workshop.




Welcome to your Spiritual Gangster Coach! I have a strong faith and this did not come easy but has become the foundation of running all my business. With inspirational coaching, we move quicker when our heart is lightened and our minds are open!


Are you ready to start your photography business or struggling to take your work to the next level? With over 20 years of commercial and consumer photography, salon owner and corporate manager, we can jump-start your career by avoiding marketing disasters and fine-tuning your plan having daily and weekly tools to get your business from paper to life!


The program consists of weekly 1-hour call with actionable blueprints, resources, labs, websites, marketing material, monthly critique and so much more. This six-month course will fast-track your business, marketing, branding and, voice to impact your goals!

Coaching members will also receive free tickets for workshops, keynotes, speaking engagements, a custom branding session ($3,500 value). 


If you can answer yes to any of the following lets set up your free call today!

  • Are you ready to see your business with a different set of eyes and help you forecast trends that will impact your bottom dollar?
  • Ready to end the calendar chaos by recognizing the 2 mistakes most entrepreneurs make?
  • Discover where the quickest, simplest wins lie in your business?
  • Get video testimonials from your hottest clients on auto-pilot? And for free!
  • Discover the simple automation systems I use to run a profitable company.
  • A proven way to outsource and automate all your client interactions and have them thank you for it.
  • Master you elevator pitch every single time to land a client
  • Finding your 'WHY'.
  • Find your extra 8-hours a week by locating and destroying the hidden “time-suckers” in your business.
  • And so much more!



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