Portraits Are Your Narrative

Leading Photographer & Motivational Speaker Delivering Exceptional Results

The planning, details and, execution are those that you would find in a top chef or a composer. It's an obsession of Taylor's to be better every single time she picks up the camera. Her thought process starts with 'what can I take from the conversation with my client in the pre-consultation and pour more into, to go beyond their expectations'.


Taylor is visually stimulated by various layers of life. Music, art, textiles, food. It's a consumption of all those layers in the world that intertwine with her thoughts, desires, and her work.


Taylor brings back a craftsmanship in photography that has been lost over the years. She has an obsession in celebrating the very person she sees. It's a rare gift and one that most spend a lifetime searching for. Taylor looks beyond the lens and her own eyes. She has an intuition that see's what we can't see in yourselves. Her clients find themselves looking at their portraits like they are seeing who they are for the first time.

They Tell Your Story

My Goal Is To Create Empowering Portraits That Celebrate You

It's my job as an artist and passion to create imagery that not only focuses on the unique attributes of my client’s but also utilizes classic artistic principals. Creative hours are put into every one of my client’s sessions to create such art. From the pre-consultation where we go over session details, from wardrobe to makeup and hair, to creating your perfect photography session.

I give each of my client’s validation, just not the way they expected.

Siren Tour 2018

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